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Hemsley Fraser

Below is a selection of work undertaken with Hemsley Fraser.

The work ranged from logo reveals, animated logomarks, brand story videos, stingers and brand asset animations 


Brand Story

A video created under the guidance of the Lead branding designer and the Marketing teams that tell both the ‘story’ with the brand update, and also HF's ‘proposition’ today within the market

Logo Reveal 

For the logo reveals I've focussed on animating the word Hemsley over the enitre company name. The rationale behind this is to help focus the brand change and aid the first name basis that HF wish to adopt. Both regular and reversed versions

HF Logo reveal with tagline


Tagline animation saved as separate compostions from the logo reveal.

Be ready for tomorrow 2.gif

Brand Asset animation

With the updated logo, the smile element lends itself to being animated. Ideas and animations can be used as simple backdrops for text overlays on social and or brand videos. Asset animated elements were created in both formats (16x9 and 9x16) so that it can be utilised in either tradtional video viewing or more recently phone viewing.

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